Windows 10’s timeline feature disappears


Windows 10 is officially losing momentum One time ambitious chronology featureMicrosoft announced today. First launched in 2017, Timeline is designed to make it easy for users to transfer between multiple devices – from a Windows 10 PC to an Android or iOS phone without interruption.

The removal of the timeline is not surprising: this is a feature that Microsoft relied heavily on Cortana’s assistant, prompting users to reboot from device to device. Cordana was an important part of creating the Timeline experience on iOS and Android devices that Microsoft had (apparently) little control over.

The prevalence of Cortana on Windows Greatly reduced And Mobile apps closed completely, Which means sunset will also make Microsoft’s schedule.

The news was announced as part of the change Windows 10 Insider Preview builds 21359:

If you sync the playback history on your devices with your Microsoft account (MSA), you won’t have the option to upload a new job in chronological order. Accounts linked to AAD are not affected. To view web history, you have the option to revisit your most recent web activity on Edge and other browsers. You can also view recently used files with OneDrive and Office.

Internal architecture users should already see the changes once the new update is installed, while users on the standard update path should see the removed schedule in the coming weeks.


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