“Wifa” hints at harsh penalties for Real Madrid and Juventus due to the European Super Cup


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The consequences of the announcement of the establishment of the European Super Championship still cast a shadow over the old continent, specifically within the European Football Association (UEFA), which is intensifying its moves to abort the idea and fight it aggressively before it comes to light.

European newspapers revealed that the European Football Confederation is considering imposing sanctions on Real Madrid and Juventus for playing a major role in establishing the Super League.
Twelve major European clubs participated in the new tournament, before 9 clubs announced their withdrawal, while Juventus confirmed the difficulty of holding the tournament now, while Real Madrid and Barcelona have not retreated so far.

According to the newspaper « La Gazzetta Dello Sport » The European Union will take sanctions against participants in the European Super League on Friday.

She indicated that the European Union plans to severely punish Real Madrid and Juventus, because they are the leaders of this revolution against UEFA.

European Union officials are now working with lawyers to apply a penalty unprecedented in European football history to the two clubs.

She explained that the penalty may be excluding Real Madrid from the semi-finals of the Champions League this season, in addition to preventing the two clubs from participating in a European next season.

And Alexander Ceferin, president of the European Union, said that there was a small possibility that the semi-final match between Real Madrid and Chelsea would not be held, because (UEFA) feared a severe economic blow from the owners of broadcasting rights.


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