Whole new models of Apple TV may appear this year


Thursday, April 8, 2021 2:00 pm

Whole new models of Apple TV may appear this year

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Technology sites indicated that Apple is preparing to launch entirely new models of Apple TV devices this year.

According to some technology experts, the trial version recently released for tvOS 14.5 systems appeared with a new feature for these systems, which is support for screens, whose frequency reaches 120 Hz instead of 60, as is the case currently.

The emergence of this feature, according to some specialists, may indicate that Apple is planning to launch new models of Apple TV with completely different specifications, and has the ability to support modern electronic video games, that is, it may become eligible to compete with the Xbox and PlayStation platforms, and its uses will not be limited to watching TV channels , Movies and video clips.

This news comes at a time when Apple announced the addition of new games to Apple Arcade services, which are available on iPhones, iPads and computers running macOS.

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The leaks had appeared a while ago also indicated that Apple is planning to launch two models of Apple TV platforms, which will be equipped with 6 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage memory, one of these models will be equipped with A12Z Bionic processors, and another model will get A13 Bionic processors.

Source: 3dnews

Source : World news: All-new Apple TV models may appear this year


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