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In 1989, Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman left the Egyptian lands after many years of his involvement in groups opposed to the Egyptian state, and headed the “Islamic Group” accused of plotting assassinations, including the killing of the late Egyptian President Mohamed Anwar Sadat. The Egyptians, despite the evidence they keep, were merciful to him, and this is what We will know him later when he is arrested in New York.Egyptian security allowed him to travel to perform the Umrah, and from there he left for Pakistan, which was a haven for terrorists and fugitives in the Arab world, in Peshawar he met leaders of the so-called Arab jihadists, then he left for Sudan, where the Muslim Brotherhood General “Bashir” overthrew the democratic rule in the year 1988, Al-Bashir enabled Abdul-Rahman to reside in his country, but the blind Sheikh preferred to leave for Washington after he managed to obtain an entry visa to it from the American embassy in Khartoum in 1990.

The Americans’ embrace of Omar Abdel Rahman, who is accused of terrorism, is not the first and it will not be the last, and Washington did not stop Omar Abdul Rahman until after the 1993 World Trade Center bombings, who was accused of inciting and supporting the perpetrators.

Defending and embracing terrorists in Canada, America and the rest of the Western countries is neither a coincidence nor a security stupidity, rather it is an intentional act and a systematic policy that the West does not abandon but rather employs in its favor, as many of the cases and individuals used by the Western media against Arab countries are ultimately means of blackmail or moral assassination. For states and their leaders.

The Western propaganda and reports taking place today against Saudi Arabia and Egypt, for example, is part of those campaigns that falsely defend teenage girls and boys who are mainly cadres in terrorist groups, or who have committed intelligence acts, as did the Western journalist “Asanj”, founder of the Wikileaks website, who America and Britain pursued him around the world because he committed an act they deemed to breach security.

The American equation is the same as the British, German, and Canadian equation … etc, which embraced most of the terrorists and rioters in their home countries, especially the Arab countries. In 1993 Britain enabled Saad Al-Faqih and Muhammad Al-Mas’ari to live in London in a lavish way, unlike other refugees, and provided them with the necessary assistance. Rather, it turned a blind eye to their documented terrorist acts, including the attempt to assassinate King Abdullah – may God have mercy on him – despite the conclusive evidence presented by not only the Saudi security apparatus but other agencies that the operation was exposed in front of them, but the British intelligence service as well as the American have another plan, which is to keep them Agents are in their hands to blackmail and pressure their governments, and even to implement fleeting agendas to destabilize them.

The only condition that Western intelligence imposes – on those opponents – is not to believe that they are freedom fighters or counter-actions in Western countries, then the magic turns on the magician, some of the escapees to the West understand the equation, such as Al-Mas’ari, Al-Faqih, Omar Al-Zahrani and Yahya Asiri, and some of them do not understand That unwritten agreement that he is supposed to realize and strive hard against his country.

This is what happened with Omar Abdul-Rahman, who planned with extremists whom he met in New York to blow up the two trade towers in 1993, although the Americans made life easier for him in America, then the American security services that were expecting him to act against his country, Egypt, not America, were overwhelmed by him, and therefore they did not have mercy on him as Egypt had mercy on him before and he was subjected to a long prison term that lasted until his death in 2017, with his illness and disability.

The matter did not stop, as the Saudi security services warned the British before the London bombings of 2005, and the British agencies had the opportunity to stop the massive terrorist act, but they slowed down and ignored them and allowed the process to pass.

The public may be surprised at these actions, but the Western security services that have embraced ISIS and al-Qaeda and their symbols have another perception, which is to raise budgets for confronting terrorism, whether those announced or secret budgets that they can freely dispose of, and they also use these groups to implement their plans and future projects in the Middle East. To keep a failed state and its people under pressure to one day use it.


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