Who is the “king of Captagon” in Lebanon accused of smuggling drugs to Greece and Saudi Arabia?


who is he


Muhammad Hassan Duqo, nicknamed “the King of Captagon”

The name of Hassan Mohamed Dagalo, accompanied by the title of “King of Captagon,” came to the fore suddenly, after he was arrested pending investigations into drug trafficking to Saudi Arabia, Greece and other countries.

And the rapid spread of this name, according to the “WikiLeaks Lebanon” account, has contributed to the fact that the text of the naturalization decree issued by the President of the Republic Michel Aoun in 2018 shows that Hassan Duqou, a Syrian national, had acquired Lebanese nationality under this decree, which raised signs An inquiry into the faults of this decree, which some have challenged.

The Information Office of the Presidency of the Republic quickly issued an explanatory statement in which it stated: “The Twitter account called“ WikiLeaks Lebanon ”published a false news in which it claimed that the name of the accused in the Captagon smuggling file, Hassan Mohamed Doukou, was included in the naturalization decree issued in 2018, to claim that he He obtained the Lebanese nationality by virtue of it. “

He added, “However, going back to the official text of the aforementioned decree, it showed that the version published on that site is forged, as it is clear that the name of Mr. Bernard Allam Bashour was withdrawn from the original version of the decree, and the name Hassan Mohamed Doukou was inserted in his place.”

The statement was attached to the forged copy of the decree and the original copy.

On the other hand, photos and videos were published, which brought him together with a number of Lebanese activists.

Among them is a picture of a gathering of Dqo, a member of the “loyalty to the resistance” bloc, MP Ibrahim al-Musawi, in the town of Tafil. In it, the Mufti Bakr Al-Rifa’i and later a representative of the Future Movement, and the aim was to address the problem of parasites.

He added, “It is normal for us to meet with the two parties to the conflict, so the notice is required.”

Photos of Daqoo also circulated on social media, gathering with the appointed Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

This is not the first time that Duqou, who travels in a large convoy of cars shaded in black, has been arrested. On one occasion, he was arrested on the grounds of being accused of being behind the kidnapping of Shaheen, but the judge released him based on political and non-political interference.

Source: “Al-Quds Al-Arabi” + RT


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