When Usta Hassan forced the screen monster, Farid Shawky, to break the fast during the month of fasting


Art stars are often associated with photographing some works of art during the day in Ramadan and during fasting, and many ironies and problems often occur due to the inconsistency of photographing some scenes with the requirements of fasting.

The stars of the beautiful time had many situations in the month of Ramadan due to filming some artistic scenes during fasting.

In a rare issue of Al-Kawakeb magazine published in 1957, the magazine published an article on the occasion of the month of Ramadan under the title “Breakfast at the Director’s Order” in which it mentioned a number of situations in which film directors demanded from the artists who participated with them in a number of works that happened and filmed their scenes during the month of Ramadan by breaking the fast so that they could The completion of these scenes that require the artist to eat food or smoke a cigarette during the scene, or because of the fatigue that afflicts some artists because of fasting and may hinder them or affect their performance of their roles.

Al-Kawakeb stated that among the films whose scenes were filmed during the month of Ramadan was the movie “Osti Hassan” starring the screen monster Farid Shawky, and one of the scenes required Farid Shawky to appear with Zozo Madi in the kitchen eating in a brutal manner, while she was looking at him as he preys on turkeys And it was not possible to postpone filming until after the month of Ramadan because the film producer was connected to the date of its showing on Eid al-Fitr, just as filming was taking place during the day in Ramadan, so the director asked the screen monster to break the fast on this day due to the necessity of completing the filming of the scene, and Farid Shawky acquiesced and did break his fast. Another day after the end of the month of Ramadan, to make up for this day. Rather, he held a large Iftar party for a number of poor workers to atone for this day on which he broke his fast by order of the director.


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