What is the ruling that Maya Diab would pass on Fadel Shaker if she was a judge? – (Video)


21 minutes ago

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London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: She spoke Lebanese actress Maya Diab About the verdict that she might pass on the hidden artist, Fadl Shaker, if she were a judge.

Maya said in an episode of the “The Divination” program presented by the media Basma Wehbe, that Fadl did not kill any of her family members, adding: “If what he was accused of was true, there are victims who fell because of him (with his neck), there are mothers who cry, the first of them and children cry their fathers and wives weep. Husbands ”. And she considered that he went to the path of fire and that remorse was not beneficial.

Maya revealed that she is banned from entering the United States of America on charges of terrorism. She explained that she had a visa to travel and suddenly stopped, as she learned that she was accused of terrorism, without knowing the reason.

She added, “I am a person against terrorism, and I told the American embassy in Lebanon that I am an artist and I do not practice any work related to terrorism.”

She also objected to describing her as a fascist and said: “I am not a fascist because they have become all over the world who called him who was not a fascist and likewise. No, I am still not like that, I did one series and I don’t consider an actress as an acting experience. She loves singing and presenting programs the most.


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