What is the difference between Google Chrome and Chrome browser?


Google Chrome browser is one of the Most popular browsers Which many users rely on, but often we hear that it is based primarily on the kernel of the Chromium browser, which was a major reason for its success, to the point that Microsoft also built its own Microsoft Edge browser on it, and in the following we show the difference between the two browsers .

Chromium Browser?

It is a free and open source internet browser Affiliated to Google It was also developed in 2008 alongside the Google Chrome browser, and the word open source means that it allows other developers to change and add the source code to modify the system and how it works, but at the same time it only allows developers affiliated with the trusted Chromium development community.

It is a rapidly developing browser, and Microsoft’s engineers contributed to its development at the beginning of 2019, to the point that some technical sources indicated that Microsoft committed to adding many improvements to the Chromium browser, which reached more than 3,700 new modifications.

Chromium disadvantages:

Chromium is not like other browsers in its additional support features, for example it cannot encode licensed media such as MP3, AAC and H.264 format, and without a license you will not be able to play this media with Chromium.

The difference between chromium and chromium:

For the average user, Google Chrome is the best browser because it allows coding of the media and the ability to operate it easily, receive security updates and periodic feature updates automatically, and the ability to install external add-ons and extensions very easily, but Chromium has the advantage that it does not depend on saving cookies and keeping a browsing history , Which is an exceptional feature that some advanced users are looking for.

But if you care a lot about privacy protection matters, Chromium might be the safest and most reliable browser for you, but you will have to sacrifice all the advantages of Google Chrome.


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