What did Queen Elizabeth write to say goodbye to her husband, Prince Philip ?!


Pictures of a letter written by Queen Elizabeth II on social media appeared on the coffin of her late husband Prince Philip, showing that it bore the phrase “I love you.”
The American “Today” program stated that Queen Elizabeth, during the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh, which was held on Saturday in Windsor Castle, placed a wreath of flowers on the coffin and a sad message in her handwriting that was not clear what it contained, except the phrase “I love you”.
Some investigators have speculated on social media that the message says “Your sweetheart, Lilip”, which is used by close family, a nickname the queen received when she was young because she could not pronounce her name.

It was known that the late Prince Philip used this title in his letters to her, when he once wrote to the Queen Mother, “My dear Lilip, I wonder if this word is sufficient to express what is inside me.”
The royal couple began exchanging messages for the first time at the beginning of their engagement, after 13-year-old Elizabeth met Philip, an 18-year-old Danish prince, and since Philip was about to join the Royal Navy, their personal relationship was severed until the two began. In an exchange of letters, and when Philip returned, he asked her father, King George VI, to hand his daughter in marriage.
Buckingham Palace revealed strict measures to be followed by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II during the funeral of the late Prince Philip, who died last Friday at the age of 99.
Because of the strict rules to combat the Corona virus in Britain in general and the Royal Palace in particular, the 94-year-old queen sat alone, far from members of the royal family, and wore a muzzle in the yard of St. George’s Church, while all mourners followed the rules of social distancing.


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