What did Ahmed Fahmy say about the jealousy of here Zahid?


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“Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Egyptian artist Ahmed Fahmy spoke during a television interview about childhood memories and his personal and marital life with the artist Hana Zahid, in addition to telling stories and technical problems that occurred with him.

During the meeting, Fahmy talked about his love for dogs, saying: “I love dogs very much, and this is the reason for the quarrels between me and my wife here, Zahid, and she has a very strong personality and she is at home in control, and she is upset that I care about dogs, especially the dog Zizi and her swallows a lot, so she gets annoyed and sits, and this bitch said to me, this will be the reason for our divorce.” .

He added, “Here, I changed myself more often than I did, and I always spoke to a video of Cole and change of fans. I was upset about it when we were engaged in engagement and sitting in a restaurant and a big woman. She told her why this is a girl, and I get married more than once, Sibeh at that time, I did not respond to her and I respected the old lady.”

The Egyptian star revealed a problem that occurred in the series “Men of the House”, which was shown last Ramadan, and he said frankly: “I need success and needs not. This is a very big star, and I don’t compete with me and cut my relationship with him, not Muhammad Ramadan, because people don’t say I’m talking about him, far and I’m not a competitor, and it might be because I refused to work with him.

He added: “I live by my nature before and after I enter the acting, and with love I always be myself, and there are artists who are not of their nature and countries far from them, and disease and poverty are a nightmare for me, and the two most important things break the human being.”


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