Watch the reaction of Mutasim al-Nahar after the plot carried out by Ramez Jalal with it … in video


The Syrian actor was exposedMutasim Al-NaharFor the prank of “Paint Ball”, during the program “Ramez, his mind flewPresented by the Egyptian artistRamez Galal​.
Ramez hid behind a curtain and hit Mutasim more than once in sensitive areas, confirming that Mutassim was easy to attack, and the latter reacted, saying: “Hey guys, someone is hitting me.”
Ramez also succeeded in raising Mutasim’s tension inside the “Hop Path” capsule, through provocative actions, including spraying him with an annoying smell, water and fire extinguisher. “.
Mutassim found no choice but to jump from the capsule into the swimming pool, to be shocked by the discovery of Ramez’s true identity before he left the water.


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