Watch the Mars and Vita Club match broadcast live today in the 2021 CAF Champions League


We broadcast the live broadcast of the match between Mars and Vita Club. Al-Merrikh Al-Sudani is heading to Al-Shuhada Stadium to face Congolese Vita Club today, Friday 9 April, as part of the final round of first leg of the group stage in the African Champions League.

Kora Day continues to watch the Mars and Vita Club match broadcast live today, which will be broadcast live on the BBC Sport 3 channel with the voice of commentator Mohamed Barakat, at exactly nine o’clock in the evening Egypt and Sudan local time, ten KSA time.

Vita Club wants against Al-Merrikh to achieve its second victory over Al-Merrikh, Sudan, this season, after he won the first leg with a broad score by scoring a four-goal versus one goal.
The Congolese team lost its chance to go up and booked the second qualifying card with Simba Tanzanian, after losing Simba in the previous round match, and Al-Ahly of Egypt tied with its Sudanese counterpart Mars, which gave the qualifying card on a golden plate to the red genie.

This season, Florent Ibingi’s squad was only able to win the group stage in 5 matches, while it tied in three matches and was defeated in another match.

Vita Klopp’s record in the group stage is very good, but it did not help him to reach the quarter-finals, even if he won today’s match with any result.

On the other hand, Sudanese Al-Merrikh seeks to achieve his first victory this season in the group stage, as during the 5 matches he played, he tied in two matches, and was defeated in three matches.

Al-Merrikh has only two points in his score, after he drew with Al-Ahly of Egypt in the previous round, and officially left the competition race to rise to the quarter-finals with very poor performance and results.

It is worth noting that this is the first time that the Vita Club is with Mars in one group since the start of the African Championship.


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