Watch: Amal Al-Awadi is under attack for her bold Ramadan clothing


Kuwaiti actress Amal Al-Awadi published pictures of her on her own account on the Instagram photo sharing application, and she appeared in a black muslin dress exposed at the shoulders, which exposed her to harsh attack and criticism.This triggered a wave of criticism, as activists considered publishing these photos with the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan is inappropriate, as the bold look is incompatible with the atmosphere of the month of fasting, according to (her).

And what came in the comments: “I seek refuge in God from the wrath of God,” “The concealment is the zen of Ramadan is forbidden,” “Beauty is the beauty of the soul, not the body … the shame of Ramadan, the temptations of our Lord do not take us,” and “I seek forgiveness from God.

And the Kuwaiti media criticized her, Mai Al-Aidan, and posted a picture of her on her own account in the application and commented on it: “Is Al-Awadi Newo worn in Ramadan and does not fit Ramadan. Do you have 11 months of the year to wear. What do you want to knit these bare shoulders in the holy month?”

It is noteworthy that Al-Awadi often raises controversy with her looks, which observers consider bold and out of the traditions of Gulf society.


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