Watch … a sudden reaction from the former player, “Saleh Al-Naima”, after “Baghlaf” took care of paying cases that need “good housing”


Al-Marsad Newspaper: The golden member of Al-Nasr Club, businessman Abdulaziz Baghlaf, undertook to pay cases of families in need of housing through the Good Housing platform, as the former player Saleh Al-Naima could not control himself and his tears fell.

For his part, the journalist Faisal Al-Abdulkarim said that he was accompanied by Saleh Al-Naima and the artist Awad Abdullah by artist Fayez Al-Maliki, to support those in need on the quality housing platform and worked to close cases to end the suffering of families in obtaining housing.

He explained that “Baghlaf” has paid the case for which Al-Naima and Awad Abdullah, as well as part of the case handled by Al-Abd Al-Karim, pointing out that the tears of the former national team player and Hilal were an expression of his joy at ending the suffering of these families.


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