“Watch” a strange drawing inside the office of Mohammed bin Salman raises widespread controversy


A strange drawing that appeared inside the office of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, during an official meeting, sparked controversy among the Saudis, about the story of this painting in the office of the prince who wasted $ 450 million on the painting “The Savior”, which turned out to be forged.

Mohammed bin Salman office

By researching it, it became clear that this painting is a painting (belonging to a Saudi plastic artist), and it appeared when the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, received the envoy of the British Prime Minister.

The plastic artist, Wedad Al-Ahmadi, narrated the story of her painting, and how it reached Bin Salman’s office.

“It is a feeling of pride and pride that my painting reaches the office of the crown prince … this is a great honor that every artist in the kingdom wishes,” she told Al-Akhbariya.
Regarding the painting’s message, she said: “The artist always carries on his shoulders a message that reaches everyone, and the content of the painting contains many messages.”
She explained: “One of them is that a person always looks at himself and within him and spreads the inner strength to strengthen himself in front of any problems and difficulties he faces, and to spread the positive energy between himself and his colleagues.”
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She added, “My first personal exhibition was on the first of last February, and this work was among my works acquired by the Crown Prince’s office.”

The most expensive painting in the world

The “Daily Beast” website revealed that the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, had known from the start that the painting of Christ the Savior was fake.
However, he colluded with the French government and the Louvre Museum in order to conceal the fact that the painting was forged.
Also, Mohammed bin Salman requested that they display it next to the “Mona Lisa”, in order to show that it is original and to avoid embarrassment.

Not from Da Vinci’s work

A French documentary film revealed that the most expensive painting in the world, “Salvatore Mundi”, was not entirely Leonardo da Vinci’s work, and the curtain was raised on a diplomatic struggle between France and the Saudi owner of the painting.
The painting of Christ, nicknamed “The Mona Lisa”, was sold at an auction held by Christie’s company in New York for $ 450 million in 2017.
Later media reported that the secret buyer of the painting was the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, despite Riyadh’s denial of the matter.
The issue of the painting reappeared after its absence from the planned appearance at the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi in 2018, and then at the Da Vinci exhibition that was held at the Louvre Museum in Paris in 2019.

“Sincerely for sale”

It is expected that French television will present the movie “The Savior for Sale”, next week, to reveal what is going on about the painting behind the scenes.
Senior officials in the government of French President Emmanuel Macron confirmed during their appearance in the film that the Louvre’s scientific analysis of the painting concluded that it had been painted in Da Vinci’s workshop. However, his role was limited to that he only “contributed” by drawing them, and he did not draw them completely.
According to one of the film’s officials, “things are not understood.” When bin Salman asked to show “Salvatore Mundi next to the Mona Lisa” and present it as “100 percent Da Vinci’s work.”

The French government is colluding in favor of bin Salman!

The film alleges that some French government officials, including Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, lobbied in favor of bin Salman’s request.
The officials expressed concern about the impact of the matter on the strategic relationship between France and Saudi Arabia.
However, the documentary said that Macron decided to reject bin Salman’s request, leaving it to the Louvre to negotiate with the Saudis over how to display the painting.
According to the head of one of the largest museums in France, Chris Dercon. “The Saudis are afraid of this argument about authenticity.”
Dercon added that the Saudis “are afraid that people at home and abroad will say: I spent all this money on something that is not for Da Vinci.”
The painting was sold in 2005 for only $ 1,175 when an art dealer in New York bought it, before it was restored.
A number of British experts have certified the painting as a long lost Da Vinci painting. Before it was shown on this basis at the National Gallery in London, in 2011.
The Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, continues to ignore the request of the families of princes detained in his secret prisons, that they be visited on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan.
According to what an informed source revealed to the “Saudi WikiLeaks” website, the families of princes detained by Bin Salman, have asked to be able to visit them. And seeing them on the occasion of Ramadan, through a message to King Salman, asking him to pressure his son to allow them to visit the princes.

King Salman transferred the request to the Crown Prince

The source revealed that King Salman transferred the request to the Crown Prince who is effectively ruling the country, and he, in turn, rejected it.
Bin Salman did not appear to have dealt with the interference of some senior princes to allow them to visit, and he also showed his intransigence in rejecting their request.
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