Washington joins a number of states in suspending “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine


Washington joins a number of states in suspending a vaccine



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Washington, DC, joined a number of states in suspending the use of the “Johnson & Johnson” anti-corona vaccine, which has become the focus of a federal examination after reports of blood clots.

The director of health affairs in Washington, DC, Laquandra Nesbitt, said that “she is not aware of any serious cases of stroke among the 16,000 Washington residents who received the vaccine, before suspending its use on the recommendation of the federal health authorities.”

She added, “This temporary suspension means that the system is operating efficiently.”

Johnson & Johnson said in a statement today that it is “aware of reports of blood clots, but no link has yet been established between them and the vaccine they are producing.”

A federal health committee will meet on Wednesday to discuss these cases, while the Food and Drug Administration has launched an investigation into the cause of strokes and low platelet counts in some of those who received the vaccine.

Source: “AB”


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