Walid Tawfiq to Najwa Karam: “I introduced you to your first journey and from that day what has changed


2:00 AM

Friday 09 April 2021

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

Singer Walid Tawfiq responded to Najwa Karam’s congratulations to him on his birthday, corresponding to April 8, through his Twitter account.

“Tawfiq” wrote: “I got to know you from the first steps of your artistic career, and from that day you have not changed with your love and passion for Zido and Bikbrow every day. You are the girl of origin and friend of life.”

Today, Thursday, artist Walid Tawfiq celebrates his birthday, and he is one of the most important singing stars in the Arab world, and he presented many songs, most notably: “Bahia, Levi Al-Madan, what is this greatness all, wah wah, Tigi divides the moon, her place is tan, gypsy, alone is my love Adobe in Dabbadebo, Yalil, the biggest wound, who is this beauty, go down, oh beautiful, in the square. “


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