Wafa Al-Fakharani: I became a master of singing by chance … and Adel Imam Qali said: “You are Suhair, the Babylonian.


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The singer Amina was a guest on the “Say Ya Kabir” program, with broadcaster Sabri Zaki, on Radio Energy 92.1 yesterday, and Amina spoke, saying that her real name is “Wafa Al Fakharani”, and she knew him during her studies at the Academy of Arts, which she joined after passing through From strong commission tests.

Amina said that she was an expatriate in Cairo, coming from Alexandria to fulfill her dream of acting, which she began to achieve after joining the Academy and working in the theater, but the road was not paved enough, explaining that the financial condition in her beginnings was very tight, which prompted her to sing In a number of cultural centers, as well as acting in experimental theater.

She pointed out that the leader Adel Imam told her, “You are sohair, the Babylonian,” and that her focus at the beginning was not on singing, and that coincidence led her to sing on the album Cocktail produced by High Quality.

Amina added that “the artist Ihab Tawfiq listened to her voice during her meeting with producer Tariq Abdullah, and was impressed with her voice and advised the director of the company saying (Ikash), referring to sticking to her and producing songs for her.”

Amina presented the first songs of her professional career with High Quality, “Uday El Ghazal,” which she listened to while riding the microbus, but according to her description: “I used to tell people that this is my song and I am not with me money.”

Amina recounted a number of difficulties that she faced in the beginning, including the lack of money she had to the point of having to walk from the opera to her home in Umraniye, behind her colleagues, headed by the artist Zina, so that she would not feel the eclipse from her.

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