Wael Jassar reveals the details of his willingness to release a new song during the period


11:40 PM

Saturday 03 April 2021

Books – Muhammad Khamis:

The Lebanese artist, Wael Jassar, revealed the details of his readiness to release a new song during the coming period, saying: “God willing, I will attend a new work composed by Muhammad Yahya, and I got my voice yesterday and very soon you will envision a video clip.”

“Jassar” added in his interview via “Zoom” to the program “Evening with Quswa” on the “Ten” channel today, Saturday, that his new song will be titled “Ayyan”, explaining: “I was one of the artists who presented albums every two or three years, but we reached a stage in A closed economic situation and the status of companies have become affected by the economic situation. Therefore, we thought, in order for us to always exist, we must present every period and period of a song and focus on it and make the necessary propaganda for it to reach the people.

He continued: “We agreed that the songs will be elegant words and beautiful melodies because people have become accustomed to me with the style of romantic songs and songs that suit their gracious taste.”


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