Wael El Kabbani: I went into a fit of laughter after the goal of Mouloudia’s draw with Esperance


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Wael El Qabbani, a former Zamalek player, said that the departure of Jaime Pacheco was a major reason for the White Team’s exit from the Champions League.

El-Kabbani added, in televised statements, that the matches of Zamalek with Mouloudia and Esperance in Cairo were the reason for the team’s exit from the tournament, pointing out that Zamalek came back late in the tournament and his fate was not in his hands.

And Abizaid: “Zamalek is required to win over Al-Ahly, and won the league to compensate for the failure in the Champions League, and unfortunately, the culture of some Zamalek fans is to be satisfied with playing a beautiful match and ignoring the team’s results.”

He continued: “Zamalek made the same mistakes every time, meaning that the team does not have the ability to learn, and Zamalek should not enter into hysterical joy when winning any meeting because the main goal is to win titles.”

He said: “I feel sad when Zamalek presents bad levels 4 games and then offers a good match. We do not play in the middle of the table or runner-up. Zamalek plays in all the tournaments so we have to play 7-8 good matches and no match, and when I am unsuccessful I try to win In any way”.

He continued: “Despite the progress of Esperance in the Mouloudia match, but I was confident of the Mouloudia tie, and I entered into a fit of laughter after scoring the equalizer, and the start for the Zamalek team should be from the top match and for Zamalek to win and then crown the league, and if that did not happen, the team did nothing. This season, the league is currently better than the Champions League.

He concluded: “I do not expect Zamalek to reach anything if it protested against the Esperance and Mouloudia match.”

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