Video .. Turki Al Sheikh appeared in the scenes of “Ramez his mind flew”


The President of the Entertainment Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, published a video compiled by the artist, Ramez Jalal, from the scenes of his program, “Ramiz Aklou, Flown.”

Ramez Jalal appeared in the video saying: “With us for the first time in the Chamber of Secrets, His Excellency the Counselor, with Ramiz Whose mind is blown away. ”

Ramez Jalal asks a young “robot” in the room in English, “Guess, who is with us today ?, and the robot answers:” Definitely Abu Nasser. “

After this short talk, the Egyptian artist Ramez Galal Al-Counselor is accompanied Turki Al SheikhOn a tour of the amusement park, in which he filmed his new program.

Turki Al-Sheikh attached the video to a comment in which he said: “In the heart of Riyadh, our beloved capital, in the blessed month of Ramadan and on the mbc channel … Wait for Ramez, his mind flew.”

Immediately after the video was published, a large number of famous people interacted with him, headed by Amr Diab, who has a friendly relationship with Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh. He commented, “Oba Abu Nasser with Ramez is a link to history.”

The media, Amr Adeeb, commented on the video in the story program, saying: “I rule out that His Excellency the Counselor is one of Ramez’s victims, but if he comes to your Excellency, we will bend the whole station on his brain.”


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