Video: Sabah did not sell her home for money


Yesterday, Thursday, the Lebanese artist, Ragheb Alama, revealed the scenes of his meeting with his late fellow artist, Sabah, in the late days of her life. Alama said that he “visited Sabah to prevent her from selling her house,” and assured her that he would “buy it from her so that she would remain dormant there.”

But Sabah assured Ragheb Alama that “the reason for her desire to sell her house is not because of her need for money, but because of her inability to hold herself in it due to age factors and advancing age,” according to Alama. He continued, “Sabah explained to him that at one point she lost her balance and fell in the bathroom and hit her in the head, which made her decide to sell her house and live in a small room inside a hotel, because she feels that her house has become too big for her, especially since her children were not next to her.”


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