Video of the reaction of Fahd Al-Mawled after the plot in episode 7 of the program “Ramez Akle Flew”


Arkan Fouad and Ramez Jalal And the program “Ramez Aklou”, episode 7, in which Fahd Al-Mawled fell victim to the pranks of Ramez Jalal in the sixth episode ofRamez program, his mind flewWhich is shown on channel mbc Egypt, in which Fahd Al-Mawled is exposed to a terrifying mold in the program

Fahad Al-Mawlad in the seventh episode of the program “Ramez Aklh Flew”

The football star of the Saudi Jeddah Al Ittihad club, Fahd Al-Mawadid, fell victim to the pranks of Ramez Jalal in the seventh episode of his landfill program “Ramez Aqil Flew”, which is shown on mbc Egypt is in the Ramadan season, and Ramez Jalal resorted to a new trick to entrap the leopard by relying on broadcaster Sarah Murad to conduct an imaginary dialogue with him and persuade him to participate in the Riyadh season.

Ramez Jalal Fahd Al-Mawlad rode with a sarcastic introduction, threatening him to take revenge on all his opponents from the players and those who defeated them on the field, and he said that he encourages Al-Hilal club, so he will take revenge on the opposing player, and he apologized to the fans of the Jeddah Federation for the plot that he will carry out in the star of the team Fahd Al-Mawled in the episode.

The collapse of a born leopard in “Ramez his mind flew”

Fahad Al-Mawled is experiencing a terrifying experience and time in the program “Ramez his mind flew” after the end of the first two paragraphs in the program, and he entered the air capsule to try it, before he was shocked by its failure in the air and Ramez Jalal pushed him from it to the swimming pool, and entered into a state of collapse and horror because of the prank.

The program “Ramez Akle Flew”

Ramez Jalal’s new mold relies on a new trick to manage a crash during the victims’ rides in amusement parks and dangerous air games in the Riyadh season, and Ramez Jalal disguises himself as one of the people chosen to experience the amusement park with the guest of the episode before pushing the victim from the amusement park to the swimming pool.

A number of stars fall victim to the pranks of Ramez Jalal in the program “Ramez Aklah Flar”, headed by artist Mohamed Henedy, Dina El-Sherbiny, Jamila Awad, Ahmed Malek, Wizo, Islam Ibrahim, Rogina, Ahmed Saad, Karim Afifi, Sumaya al-Khashab, and a number of soccer players such as Jensh, Marwan Mohsen and Ramadan Subhi, in addition to the festivals singer. Hamo Beka and others.


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