Video .. Cairo’s sky is witnessing an astronomical phenomenon for 4 hours


The Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research organized a forum to monitor the phenomenon, which is repeated several times during one year due to the difference in the orbits of the moon and Mars.

The conjunction of the moon and the red planet lasted about 4 hours in one of the beautiful astronomical scenes.

These phenomena are an opportunity to introduce the public to astronomy and raise their general scientific awareness.

Ashraf Shaker, head of the astronomy department at the National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research in Egypt, told “Dot Al-Khaleej” that the astronomical phenomenon is not rare, but it is an opportunity for astronomers to learn about Mars and its proximity to the moon.

He explained that the astronomical phenomenon is an opportunity to explain what constellations are in the sky now, what is the importance of astronomy in public life, and what is the relationship of that to the history of Egypt.

He continued: “Egypt is one of the oldest countries that used astronomical sciences to build temples and the sun perpendicular to the face of King Ramses II and also in building the pyramids.”

“There are a large number of people linking the Hizam al-Jabbar group with the construction of the pyramids,” Shaker explained.

Regarding the conjunction, the head of the astronomy department said that the presence of Mars next to the moon is an event that recurs on more than one occasion during the year, due to the fact that the orbit of Mars differs from the orbit of the moon, so the number of conjunctions varies each year.

He explained that the conjunctions sometimes come between two planets together, such as Jupiter and Mars, or between Mars and other stars.

He pointed out that when observing the crescent of the month of Ramadan, we were able to see Venus and Mars after sunset, and this is a conjunction with sunset, and this helps us to determine the position of the crescent at this time in relation to the sun, Mars and Venus.

He concluded his speech that the conjunctions are an opportunity to introduce people to the sky, astronomy and its importance.

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