Video Astronomical research reveals the details of the Moon’s farthest distance from Earth


Ola Ali, an astronomical researcher at the institute, said Astronomical researchThe sky of Cairo is witnessing today an astronomical phenomenon, represented by the presence of the moon at its farthest distance from the earth and making the moon appear smaller than usual, which is a frequent monthly phenomenon.

Ali added, during her interview broadcast on the “Extra News” satellite, today, Wednesday, April 14th, that the moon revolves around the earth in an average cycle of about 27 and a half days in an oval shape, and sometimes it is at the closest distance with the Earth, and sometimes it is the farthest distance to it. On Earth, as we will witness today.

She explained that this phenomenon can be monitored as of 6:20 pm today, and will continue for two and a third hours after sunset, indicating that this phenomenon does not have any harmful effect on vision. Different regions around the world, on the evening of April 17th, are represented by the conjunction of the moon with the planet Mars and the passage of the moon beside Mars with a distance of approximately 7 arc minutes.

And she indicated: “It can be followed up at 6:40 pm until two o’clock in the middle of the night, and the institute allows photography at its headquarters in Helwan and at the Katameya Astronomical Observatory, pointing out that the phenomenon of moon conjunction means the emergence of Mars, which always appears in a color inclined to orange next to it a star, considering that this phenomenon is an opportunity.” Good for photography enthusiasts or anyone who wants to follow the phenomenon with binoculars and telescopes, noting that during the moon conjunction phenomenon, the planet Mars will be completely obscured from some countries in South Asia and Central Africa.

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