Variation in Arab countries’ cases of “Covid 19”


The number of Corona virus infections varied in a number of Arab countries, as the Palestinian Minister of Health, Mai Al-Keela, announced yesterday, Sunday, that 2,235 new cases of Corona had been recorded and 22 deaths among Palestinians during the past twenty-four hours. The minister added in a press statement that the Gaza Strip recorded 1,479 of the new injuries. And the Ministry of Interior and National Security decided in the Gaza Strip last Tuesday to close all educational institutions, including schools, universities and kindergartens, starting from Wednesday until further notice to counter the spread of the virus.

The ministry maintained the “measures previously taken, which are closing wedding halls, preventing gatherings, closing nightly daily at 9 pm, closing weekly popular markets, and preventing parties and mourning homes in public streets.” In the West Bank, the Palestinian government relaxed the measures it imposed to confront the spread of the Corona virus on Saturday, after the decline in cases of infection, and decided to allow students from first to sixth grades to return to their schools, and kept the complete closure on Friday only. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health database, 295,874 injuries have been recorded since the outbreak of the pandemic about a year ago, in addition to 3124 deaths.

In Lebanon, the Ministry of Public Health revealed on Saturday evening that the ninth shipment of the Pfizer vaccine against the “Corona” virus had arrived in Lebanon, containing 46,800 doses. According to the Lebanese National News Agency, Lebanon has so far received 343,980 doses of vaccine from Pfizer. On February 14, the vaccination campaign against the Corona virus began in Lebanon, and the cumulative number of those who received one dose until Saturday evening 196459 and the number of those who received two doses was 10,3611. Lebanon has recorded so far 494633 cases of Corona and 6,630 deaths since the entry of the pandemic Country on February 21 last year.

In Syria, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of 110 new infections with the Corona virus in the country, and the recovery of 115 cases and the death of 8 of the recorded infections with the virus during the past 24 hours. The ministry stated in a statement that the number of injuries recorded in Syria has reached 20118 so far, of which 13895 have been cured and 1,368 people have died, according to the Syrian news agency “SANA”.

In Morocco, the Ministry of Health announced today, Saturday, the registration of 740 new cases of the Coronavirus, up from 625 cases yesterday, bringing the total number of infections to 501,688 cases. Six deaths were also recorded, down from 12 deaths yesterday, bringing the total number of deaths due to the virus to 8,891 cases. And the Moroccan government decided last week to extend the state of emergency for an additional month until the tenth of next May “in line with the epidemiological situation.” The government also decided to maintain the night curfew during the month of Ramadan, as part of its efforts to combat new strains of the Corona virus.

Yesterday, Sunday, the Algerian Ministry of Health monitored 138 new cases of the new Corona virus during the last 24 hours, up 11 cases from yesterday’s outcome, bringing the total number of infections to 118,516. In a statement, the Ministry revealed that 4 new deaths were recorded, one more case than the day before yesterday, bringing the total number of deaths to 3 thousand and 130. It indicated that 107 new cases had recovered, bringing the number of people who recovered to 82,600.

In Egypt, the Ministry of Health said that it had recorded 801 new cases of Coronavirus and 43 deaths, compared to 794 infections and 39 deaths on Saturday. “The total number that was registered in Egypt with the new Corona virus until Saturday is 209677, including 159054 cases that have been cured, and 12,405 deaths,” ministry spokesman Khaled Mujahid said in a statement.


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