Valencia defends its French star


Valencia, Spain, showed support for his French defender, Mokhtar Diakaby, during the training session, after he was racially assaulted during a match in the local soccer league against Cadiz on Sunday.The Valencia players left the pitch nearly half an hour after the start of the match against their Andalusian host Cádiz in the twenty-ninth stage of the League, when the result was (1-1), after the racist insult suffered by Diacabé by Juan Cala.
Valencia used Twitter after the match was stopped to explain what happened in the meeting, which returned and completed it after nearly a quarter of an hour of stopping, then lost it (1-2) in the dead time, revealing that his defender was a victim of racist attacks, adding, “All our support for DiCapi. No to Racism”. He explained, “The player who was subjected to a racist insult asked his teammates to return to the field (after the temporary withdrawal) in order to fight.” Everyone beside you is chosen ».
Diakabe stopped playing in the 31st minute and walked angrily towards Kadesh player Juan Kala, before they exchanged shouting, then the French indicated to the referee that he would leave the pitch and his teammates followed him.
In the match report, referee David Medei said that DiCapi informed him that Kalla called him “Negro de Merda”, meaning “the damned negro,” adding that none of the referees had heard what Kala said, who insisted that he did not racially insult DiCapi, according to what he reported. By his coach Alvaro Cervera.

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