Urgent measures to avoid disaster … The ocean swallows the Maldives – Miscellaneous


Satellite images and recent scientific research have shown that there is a real disaster threatening the famous tourist islands of the Maldives, where a number of islands drowned, but the government took urgent measures to avoid the disaster..

In a long article, I mentioned a magazine “scitechdaily” The scientific specialist, that a real disaster awaits the Maldives, or it can be said that it has already begun.

It is worth noting that the Maldives is one of the lowest terrain near sea level in the world, in addition to the presence of more than one 80% Of its 1,190 coral islands are located less than one meter above sea level, which makes the famous archipelago in the Indian Ocean particularly vulnerable to being completely swallowed up by the ocean..

And it is scientifically proven that the global sea level is rising from 3 to 4 millimeters annually, with certain expectations of an increase in this rate in the coming decades. Some analysts assert that “a bleak future awaits the Maldives and other low-lying islands.”“.

And a recent study concluded that low-lying islands could become uninhabitable by 2050, as wave-driven floods become more common and freshwater becomes very limited, according to Sputnik..

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change expects the sea level to rise by about half a meter by the year 2100 Even if greenhouse gas emissions drop sharply, or rise to one meter if greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase strongly.

Immediately, the government of the Maldives took urgent measures and put in place practical plans to avoid this problem, including plans to buy highland lands in other countries as an insurance policy against rising sea levels.“.

The planners are also working to enhance the resilience of the current islands in the country, and to develop solutions to this problem. An example is “Hulhumale”, a newly constructed artificial island northeast of the capital Mali (a city on one of the islands which is

The capital of the Maldives). It is reported that the new island was built by pumping sand from the sea floor to a submerged coral platform, only about two meters above sea level, twice the height of Mali..

The additional height could make the new island a refuge for residents of the Maldives, who will lose their habitats as their islands are swallowed up by the ocean..



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