Urgent: “Kia Al Jabr” reveals the offer of “Without discussion, take it at the cash price” for Kia cars in Saudi Arabia


Al-Jabr Trading Company, agent of Kia Motors BA, revealedFor the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia About unprecedented offers aimed at providing powerful solutions and options for its customers to obtain all-new Kia vehicles.

The company announced its cooperation with the National Bank of Saudi Arabia to reveal the presentation of one of its strongest and most prominent offers to own Kia cars, through an offer “without discussing the price of cash,” and its advantage came in its inclusion of unprecedented financing advantages in the Saudi auto market, where the offer came without a profit margin. Financing, down payment, or even administrative fees, as the ownership payment was only 35% with the possibility of being paid in installments as well, and this offer included all 2020 Kia Motors cars as well as the K5 and Tolloride 2021.

Kia Aljabr CEO reveals the offer details

Chief Operating Officer of Al-Jabr Trading Company "Kia Algebra"Wael Baghdadi
Chief Operating Officer of Al-Jabr Trading Company “Kia Al-Jabr”, Wael Baghdadi

Wael Baghdadi, Chief Operating Officer at Al-Jabr Trading Company, speaking of this unprecedented offer, said: “In the beginning, I would like to congratulate the National Bank of Saudi Arabia for the historic paradigm shift in the history of Saudi banks after the recent massive merger process, and we are happy to have the first cooperation. With this distinctive transformation by presenting an offer (without discussion, take it at the cash price), which we look forward to winning the satisfaction of our customers and fulfilling their desires to own Kia Motors cars. The presentation of this offer came as a result of the common desire between the company and the bank to provide the best financing options for customers. ”

The chief operating officer of the company continued, adding: “The offer (without discussion, take it at the cash price) will not be the only thing we offer to our customers. Roadside assistance will be provided for all cars purchased from our branches in 2020 until December 31, 2021, free of charge for a period of three years from The date of delivery of the car, and our customers will be the focus of our attention when providing maintenance services that we pay most of our attention in terms of our strategy, which is based on developing after-sales services in a way that rises to the level of our customers’ confidence and aspirations.

“Baghdadi” continued, expressing his welcome to all those wishing to discuss the details and offers of Al-Jabr Trading Company, by visiting the company’s branches in all cities of the Kingdom, indicating that the Kia Al-Jabr team is ready to answer all inquiries and provide the appropriate service.


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