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After a long participation in public life and a continuous appearance over decades, Prince Philip Mountbatten wanted the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away this Friday morning at the age of 99; Moving away from public life, there are unforgettable moments in the life of Philip, Duke of Edinburgh that were recorded in history, as well as situations in which he was outspoken and offensive at times.

Exceptionally marriage to the Queen of Britain

Prince Philip Mountbatten is the son of the Greek Prince Andrew and Princess Alice, Princess of Bittenberg in Denmark. He was born in Greece but preferred to give up all his Danish and Greek royal titles that he obtained and became a British subject, in order to be associated with Elizabeth, as he proposed to George VI to marry his daughter, and the king agreed Provided you wait until Elizabeth is 21 years old.

Unforgettable situations in the life of the Duke of Edinburgh

After Philip married Queen Elizabeth in November 1947, he became the Duke of Edinburgh for more than 73 years. He accompanied the Queen on all official occasions and during this period he issued many shocking statements, including his attack on the most famous British singer Tom Jones. To see how you can become so valuable through singing, which I think is the most ugly singing. “

In 1956, King Philip established the Duke of Edinburgh Prize, which encourages youth groups to set out on trips and participate in community work. Although more than 60 years have passed since this award, it still exists in British schools today.

One of the most memorable situations in the life of King Philip is his statement in which he attacked some of the British, commenting on the recession in Britain in 1981, which caused many people to lose their jobs, which made them wait for statements from the Queen’s family in order to create calm in this difficult time and provide Solutions However, King Philip issued a shocking statement, saying: “Everyone used to say that we should have more free time, now they complain that they are unemployed.”

King Philip’s relationship with his grandchildren Harry and William

King Philip has maintained an exceptional relationship with his grandchildren, specifically Harry and William, as he is a man who loves fishing trips, and through which he accompanied Prince Harry and William with him and also appeared with them on many occasions as Philip is the first person in the royal family to take off in a helicopter from Buckingham Palace.

Driving a car without a license

At the beginning of 2019, Prince Philip caused an accident near the Royal Sandringham Circuit where the Queen and her late husband spend most of the winter, and a “Land Rover” driven by the Prince exited from a secondary road in the circuit to take the highway when it collided with a “Kia” and overturned. The prince emerged unscathed from the accident, while the driver of the other car suffered scrapes in the knee, and passenger Emma Fairweather fractured her wrist. No infant was injured in the back seat, which caused the late Prince to give up his license after this accident.

A few months later, the British newspaper The Daily Mail published pictures of Prince Philip driving his new Land Rover on the grounds of Windsor Castle, and while Prince Philip at the time did not possess a driver’s license after he was handed over to her after the traffic accident, which caused his Land Rover to crash, except British law allows cars and vehicles to be driven without a driver’s license within the limits of private ownership, and this applies to the grounds of Windsor Castle, which is one of the royal homes designated for the Queen and her family in Britain.

Prince Philip drives without a driver's license

It is worth noting that Buckingham Palace announced the death of Prince Philip, husband of British Queen Elizabeth II, today, Friday, at the age of 99. This morning at Windsor Castle … the royal family joins everyone around the world in mourning his loss. ”


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