UEFA intends to make an important change to the rule of preference for goals scored outside home



The European Union Football Association “UEFA” is studying the possibility of canceling the rule of preference for goals scored outside the home partially in the Champions League and European League, and to find an alternative solution to this clause.

The British newspaper “The Sun” confirmed that UEFA will partially cancel the away goals rule as of next season in the Champions League and European League, meaning that the abolition of the extra-terrestrial goals rule will be in the extra times for matches if the match results are tied only in the first and second matches.

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The starting lineup for

According to the new regulations, which will be agreed upon on Friday, the goals outside the ground will be counted only at the original time of the second leg, and there will be no preference for any goal scored in the additional two halves.

“The Sun” added that this proposal, supported by major European clubs, will be on the table at a meeting of the European Union Competitions Committee, which includes Manchester United Vice President Ed Woodward and Manchester City CEO Ferran Soriano.

She added: Another proposal has been rejected to completely cancel the rule of extra-terrestrial goals, but “UEFA” is ready to give the green light to partially change in the next season after a season hit by the Corona pandemic “Covid-19” and the confusion about the rule of extraterrestrial goals that began in the season (1965- 1966).

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Bayern Munich beat Paris Saint-Germain (video)

The European Union is pressing ahead with plans to increase the Champions League matches from 125 games per season to 225 games.

Uefa’s plan will see 36 teams participate in one league, but they will play 10 matches in the opening stage. The so-called Swiss system means that clubs play with opponents from the ranked players to ensure fairness in the competition.

The first eight clubs after 10 matches will automatically qualify for the round of 16, with the final eight places determined according to the home and away matches, which include the clubs occupying the positions from the ninth to the twenty-fourth.

This new format of the tournament, which will be implemented after 2024, is expected to be confirmed by the end of this month.

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