UEFA Champions League news: Brave confession by Milner after Liverpool were eliminated by Real Madrid


James Milner – Liverpool – English Premier League

Sport 360- James Milner, superstar praised Leferball, With the team’s performance during the second leg against Real MadridAnd that is in the final second leg Champions League.

The return match between the two teams on the grounds of Anfield Road ended in a goalless draw, after the first round had ended with Real Madrid winning 3-1.

Milner: We weren’t good enough either way

“The performance and strength were great, but not taking advantage of the opportunities that were available to us is what made the difference,” Milner said, in statements reported by BBC Sport.

The Reds captain continued his speech by saying: “The positive thing is our ability to create opportunities and the reaction that we have made. We were clearly the best team, we did enough to win the match.”

Milner continued his speech by saying: “If we had played the first leg with the same strength, the situation would have been very different. In the end, we were not good enough over the course of the two matches.”

He added, “The most important thing is that if we play with this desire and strength, we hope that we will be able to occupy one of the first four places in the league.”

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