UAE – Avaya launches cloud communication solutions in 40 countries


(MENAFN – Al-Bayan) Source: Date: April 10, 2021 Avaya, a global specialist in solutions that improve and simplify communication and digital cooperation between teams, has expanded the spread of cloud contact center solutions, so that they are available in 40 countries, including countries in the Middle East and Africa. These solutions provide companies around the world with digital capabilities that allow creating more effective communication channels between employees and customers, through any point of contact, device or channel.

The company said that the demand for public cloud applications in the Middle East and Africa more than doubled in 12 months. This growth was supported by a demand for more flexible solutions that allow work from anywhere, a need for speed in innovation in terms of customer and employee experience, as well as increased confidence of executive leaders in large organizations in cloud-based applications.

“We have planned to launch new solutions based on establishing strategic relationships with cloud service providers across the region, to ensure our compliance with local regulatory laws related to data storage in every market. The new solutions that we are launching today are an exceptional development for us,” said Global Avaya President Nidal Abu Latif. And to our partners, especially because it relates to the way in which we will continue to support clients in moving their operations into a new world of business.

Avaya Cloud Call Center solutions give organizations the power they need to do a variety of tasks, including:

• Connect the various points of contact with each other during the customer journey, such as email, SMS, chat, social media, in addition to providing the style of using the preferred communication channel (BYOC).

• Selecting the employee that fits with the customer’s requirements, and this process is conducted with the support of artificial intelligence and is based on the identity and background of the caller, in addition to determining the source of the communication, whether internal or external, and at the same time these smart solutions take into account the desired commercial results.

• Adding personal benefits or personalizing employee experiences through a modern, customizable workstation capable of providing the employee with detailed information about the customer through several applications and systems, all through one screen.

• To anticipate the customer’s requests by anticipating his needs and taking the initiative to deal with them in a journey full of artificial intelligence capabilities.

• Execute cloud technology projects quickly and easily, to provide the required experience that provides customers with more options, faster responses, and a stronger personal approach.

The solutions help organizations to facilitate and simplify the interaction between the employee and the customer, making it directly linked to the context of the topic, which leads to the birth of an unforgettable experience for customers and employees alike.

Avaya provides a solid digital bridge between the customer and the employee intelligently, providing the right resources at the right time in addition to the workflow systems supported by artificial intelligence that give the employee an information-rich work environment and support in the virtual world. This enables the employee to carry out his activities in a supportive work environment, and thus encourages him to provide rewarding interaction models, while management tools provide forward-looking institutional information.

Avaya Global Chief Technology Officer Ahmed Helmy said: “Avaya realizes how much the customer wants to get services the way he wants, especially through the“ On demand services ”model. Avaya also knows that the work force that carries out its professional activities remotely, needs a fast and effective institutional cooperation model to provide the customer with all his needs at a time that suits him and in the way he prefers.

“Achieving success requires continuous high-end uptime in the business world, and for companies to be able to offer personalized, cloud-based experiences that are quick and easy. This is precisely what Avaya’s OneCloud CCaaS cloud contact center solutions provide to its customers. These solutions play a helpful role in achieving a deep understanding of the strength of the cloud-based application environment, especially with the help of CPaaS solutions that facilitate professional interaction between team members. They also contribute to enabling different corporate departments to enhance interaction with customers, and this is vital to play. A role in maintaining competitiveness, in addition, these solutions are focused, flexible, comprehensive and fast.



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