Twitter Offers $ 4 Billion For The Club House


The agency stated, “BloombergThe American government said that talks conducted by “Twitter” (Twitter) in recent months to purchase the “Clubhouse” (Clubhouse) application, for conducting audio discussion sessions.

According to a report published by the agency today, Thursday, April 8, the company discussed a possible valuation of the application at about four billion dollars, but discussions stopped without specifying a clear reason for this.

Spokesmen for “Twitter” or “Clubhouse” did not make any comment about the stalled sale that the agency talked about, which published information earlier about the intention of “Club House” to increase its financing by the equivalent of four billion dollars.

The recent application, which has not exceeded its first year in the world of virtual communications, allows the possibility of hosting their Internet radio programs for its subscribers, as it is possible to listen to interviews or group discussions, in addition to requesting participation in direct chats.

The application was able to attract the attention of famous users and opinion leaders, which prompted social media to work on providing similar features in its applications to preserve its users.

In late 2020, a competing property for “Clubhouse” was launched by Twitter, called “Spaces”, and is still in its experimental phase. However, the company’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, is optimistic about the potential of sound as a method. New people to interact with each other on “Twitter”, especially with the increasing interest of users in direct content.

In a press interview conducted yesterday, Wednesday, April 7, the revenue producer on Twitter, Bruce Falk, said that the company is studying ways to generate income from “Spaces”, but that these discussions are still in their early stages.

The “Club House” revealed a new feature, on April 6, that allows content creators to obtain money from users directly, in a first step to collect money through the application, in order to help content creators achieve financial income through the application.

The application appeared at the beginning of 2020, but it spread and became popular during the spread of the “emerging corona” (Covid 19) pandemic, in conjunction with the decrease in direct communication in one place.

Once you are invited to use the application after registering on the official website using the phone number, you can use the application and start a conversation or listen to it through the “digital room”, and these rooms are a large conversation that is known by a famous “host”, or a small group of friends.


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