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The Turkish Medical Association warned today, Monday (April 12, 2021) that the country’s health system is facing the risk of collapse in light of the significant increase in new cases of coronavirus.

“Our hospitals are crowded with people infected with the Coronavirus,” said Association President Sebnim Koror Vincanchi today. Even the wards that have been added are not enough. “There are no more rooms in the intensive care units,” she added. She explained that work crews are under great pressure.

The Turkish Ministry of Health said that the number of intensive care beds used in the country represents about 67%.

The new cases of Coronavirus in Turkey rose to more than fifty thousand daily cases last week, the highest level recorded since the beginning of the pandemic.

Turkey, which has a population of about 84 million, eased restrictions imposed to partially contain the Corona virus last March, and since then it has recorded high cases of the virus. The head of the Turkish Medical Association described the relief as “something that cannot be controlled.”

Certain areas are currently subject to nightly curfews and restrictions on weekends. More measures are to be imposed Tomorrow, Tuesday, coinciding with the start of Ramadan.

Expectations of tightening restrictions

In the same context, a senior official in the Turkish government said that it is likely that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will decide to tighten the restrictions of the Corona virus this week, before the vital tourist season, after the daily number of cases in the country exceeded 50 thousand cases per day.

Turkey is the fourth in the world in the number of new cases of infection since the number rose last week, which reached five times the number in early March when Erdogan eased social restrictions in what he described at the time as a “controlled normalization of life” in his country.

Turkey attributed the large increase in the number of infections to the population’s laxity in adhering to restrictions and the emergence of new strains of the virus. On March 29, the country announced the application of a general lockdown on weekends and a ban on eating in restaurants during the month of Ramadan, which begins tomorrow, Tuesday.

However, the official told Reuters that the short normalization period had not gone well and that there was a tendency to further tighten measures after a cabinet meeting to be held tomorrow. “It seems that there is no solution there but to take more severe measures,” he said.

وبدأت Turkey has started a campaign of vaccination against Corona virus In mid-January, mainly Chinese Sinovac vaccine is used.

H.h./s. (Dpa, Reuters)


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