Trump accuses Biden of conspiring with “Pfizer” to disable the “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine – Al-Manar Channel Website – Lebanon


Former US President Donald Trump accused President Joe Biden of “conspiring” with Pfizer to disrupt the distribution of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine for “political reasons”.

And he considered that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announcement that it and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a joint statement about the “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine, recommending that its use be suspended for “precautionary considerations”, “it has political goals, or because the US Food and Drug Administration likes Pfizer Inc.

He added: “This announcement is evidence that the FDA is working with” Pfizer “which announced approval of the vaccine two days before the 2020 presidential election .. They did not like me because I was pushing them too hard.”

Trump said that had it not been for his efforts, American pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies would not have developed the Corona vaccine 3 to 5 years ago, adding: “It would have taken them years to act.”

Source: Agencies


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