Today’s Technology – The Google Assistant gets a bunch of new features


The Google Voice Assistant got a set of new features that can help people perform many tasks at home easily, and the American technology giant has provided its smart digital assistant with a total of 5 new features, including a feature that makes it easier for iPhone users to find their phones. Top 3 new features within the new Google Assistant update, according to “firstpost”.

First feature: find your phone:

Google Assistant is now giving iOS users a new feature that helps them find their lost phones at home, as its users can ask Google Nest speakers or smart displays to find their phones by saying: “Hey Google Find my phone “This command will help the smart home devices connected to the phone, send a notification and issue a ringtone to locate the device. This will be applicable even if the phone is in silent or do not disturb mode.

The second advantage: order meals faster:

Google Assistant gives you another feature that allows you to order food online, which is operated by Duplex on the web, where people can order food from specific restaurants by following simple steps, all you have to do is select the “Order Online” option, and choose meals. That you want to order, then head to Checkout, and the smart assistant will automatically fill in the payment details and complete the process. Google provides this feature at the moment only in the United States, but it is expected that it will reach more countries soon.

Feature 3: set sunrise or sunset for your smart home devices:

And by using the Google digital assistant, you will be able to reset the sunrise and sunset times on smart home devices. For example, you can choose to turn on the lights in the living room in the evening, and this can be done by setting the new routine in the Google Home app or the Google Assistant settings. , Then click on the “Add Starter” option under “How to start.”, And you will see the settings for setting “sunrise / sunset”, just add the time and tasks to do that.

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