Today, Walid Tawfiq celebrates his birthday, the owner of the most famous birthday song


Today, Thursday, the star Walid Tawfiq celebrates his birthday, as he was born on April 8th, and he is the star who was famous for his love of art and singing since his childhood and carved his name until he became one of the most important singing stars in the Arab world, and presented many distinguished songs and films, especially the song “Anzal” Ya Jamil in the Square “which is considered a staple song in Christmas celebrations all over the Arab world.

Walid Tawfiq fled Beirut with his family to Syria, due to the civil war that broke out in Lebanon in 1975, and met Farid Shawky there in Damascus while filming one of his films, who in turn asked the owner of the hotel in which he was staying at the time, and Walid Tawfiq sang in the concert hall Then, the late Omar Khorshid asked him to come to Cairo to work there and he answered the invitation at that time, and he got the first reward for his participation in one of the films 300 pounds.

He participated in many films, including Fish Without Your Spine with Duraid Lahham, Qamar Al-Layl with Laila Alawi, Anna, Torment and Hawak with Sabreen, Goodbye to Singles, The Postman, and Who Extinguish the Fire with Farid Shawqi, Athar Al Hakim, Raghda, and directed by Muhammad Salman.

Among his most famous songs are “Abuki Min Ya Sabya, Bahia, Levit Al Madan, What is this Greatness All, Wah Wah, Tigi We Divide the Moon, Mahalha Al Samra, Gypsy, Wahadk Habibi, Adob ​​in Dabdebo, Yallil, the biggest wound, who is this beauty.

Waleed Tawfiq
Waleed Tawfiq



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