Today … a lawsuit demands the artist Sherif El Desouky to pay 5 million pounds


4:00 AM

Wednesday 14 April 2021

Books – Mahmoud Saeed:

Today, Wednesday, the economic court (the preparation judge) will continue hearing a lawsuit from the director of a production company demanding the artist Sherif El Desouki in compensation of 5 million pounds.

Counselor Haitham Abbas said that he is an agent of Sherif Zalat, director of an art production company, who filed a lawsuit before the Economic Court, stating that his client had contracted with “El-Desouki” to perform a “role” in a series broadcast in Ramadan 2020, and he was paid in full.

“Abbas” added in his lawsuit that he was surprised by the fact that the artist Sherif El Desouky made a statement during a telephone interview on the “Honorable Citizen” program, claiming that the production manager (the plaintiff) had not paid him his full wages.

He pointed out that his client had been damaged morally and materially as a result of the previous statements, so he filed a lawsuit demanding compensation.


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