Tips before buying a tablet .. How to simply choose a “tablet”?


What can a tablet computer do? In light of the proliferation of larger smartphones and lighter and more flexible laptops.

German technology expert Sebastian Kloss believes that the tablet still has a role and a right to exist; The advantages of the tablet computer lie in the large screen, with its small size and light weight, in addition to a significantly longer battery life compared to a laptop.

Kloss added that the tablet is more user-friendly and comfortable. This may be the reason why watching movies and series on a tablet is becoming so popular.

The elderly and children

Tablet computers are especially useful for people, who have little experience with computers or smartphones. This is especially true for the elderly and children; Tablets are easy to carry and easy to use thanks to touch usage.

The price of a device is determined in principle on the basis of computing power, screen quality and storage capacity. Kloss explained that the first thing that catches his attention on tablets is the screen; It is what determines the comfort and enjoyment of the device.

دقة Full HD

For his part, German technology expert Alexander Speer advises the use of screens starting with Full HD resolution, but devices, which are more than 10 inches in size, must exceed Full HD.

You should also pay attention to the pixel density. A good PPI starts at 220, and the best models are 260 or more.

Degree of brightness

As for the degree of brightness, the values ​​ u200b u200bfart from 300 nits / m2 are good, with 3 or 4 gigabytes of RAM, and it is recommended to make sure that the processor has at least 4 cores.

storage capacity

Tablet storage capacity is also important. More memory never hurts. In any case, storage capacities of at least 16 GB are recommended, as you do not have to constantly delete applications or photos in order to be able to use the device.

It is also better to choose a model that allows the use of SD cards, which allows for the possibility of increasing the storage capacity.

As for the Google Android or Apple OS, this matter is related to what exactly the user wants to do with the tablet and the target applications; As there are applications that work on one of them but not on the other.

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