This way you burn calories while you are sitting on the sofa


Follow-up: Rahaf Ammar

In light of the inability to exercise during the outbreak of the new Corona virus, many people are looking for the best ways to lose weight at home.

This is what a study conducted at Westminster University in the United Kingdom found, where researchers found that watching a horror movie can help some people burn a number of calories.

The researchers believed that this type of film causes a feeling of some tension, an increase in the heart rate, and thus a number of calories burned. They called this type of tension “good tension.”

Another study found that this could reduce the risk of suffering from inflammatory diseases resulting from the hostilities. The reason is that this type of stress can stimulate the work of white blood cells and boost the immune system.

However, experts cautioned the need to adopt a healthy diet that contains little fats and sugars, taking care to exercise as much as possible for a period of 30 minutes a day.

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