This is what Hala Al-Turk’s mother revealed about reconciliation with her daughter … and this is her alternative punishment to imprisonment


Mona Al-Saber, the mother of the young artist, Hala Al-Turk, expressed her dissatisfaction because of her state of affairs and her inability to collect the necessary amount of money in order to save her from imprisonment. This came during a call with her in an episode of the program AND in Arabic.

She said that two thousand Bahraini dinars were collected, while the requested amount was 20 thousand. She added that she requested that the prison sentence be replaced by manual labor, adding: “Unfortunately everyone knows that I will be imprisoned since the verdict was issued, and now I am waiting for the punishment to be replaced according to what was presented by Sheikha Salwa’s office.”“.

She pointed out that the amount she is required to pay is 20 thousand Bahraini dinars. She stated that some celebrities contacted her and were unable to collect the required amount. She attributed this to a possible lack of security approval.

And she added, “There is no need for all of this consultation, and at the same time I did not know if there was any aid or not, and I meditated and the opposite happened.” She revealed that any reconciliation with her daughter has not yet occurred, confirming that no one has intervened for this and commented: “The final thing is either I pay the money or my daughter Hala Al-Turk relinquishes the case, and this is all in the story.”


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