This is what came in the secrets of the newspapers


The Republic

A prominent diplomat surprised his friends, including party leaders, by pointing out the existence of a group that mastered publishing false scenarios, which harms the efforts exerted on more than one level.
There was a clear harmony between two spiritual and parliamentary references to ensure that there was no reaching a stage that would fuel sectarian and sectarian strife.
The contact made by an official with a party leader was limited to reassuring the health of the latter without presenting any political issue.


The subtleties

Financial sources called for a follow-up to the movement of an Arab financial figure residing in Lebanon that rose to prominence during the years of the presidential settlement and emerged behind many projects in the public and private sectors, whose name is currently being circulated as a party to the Jordanian crisis and the possibility of being summoned to investigate partnerships linking it to the most prominent of the arrested suspects.


American reports confirm that Fethullah Gulen and Prince Hamzah Ibn Al Hussein represent an extension of a Gulf project in which the Saudi Crown Prince and the Crown Prince of the Emirates participate for projects that contribute to expanding the influence of the Gulf. Reports say that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu obtained American support for the two projects, and President Joe Biden canceled them.

Call home

Governors and general managers in the public sector complain of their absence from the vaccination plan, blaming the Minister of Health for the disruption of performance of a number of key departments as a result of the outbreak of the epidemic among its senior employees.
A minister stressed to his visitors that a senior official “lives in denial of the variables around him, which raises questions about the correctness of his conflicting decisions, which contributed to the deepening of the crisis.”
Well-informed sources revealed that a judicial financial reference is in the process of reopening a financial file for a former prime minister.

Major General

According to Arab diplomatic sources, the opportunity given to form a government is narrowing, and the concerned parties have only a week or two at most?
The security authorities were informed of the proliferation of the described robbery gangs, such as cutting trees, stealing seasonal fruits and selling them at high prices inside and outside Lebanon.
A prominent doctor described the position of the committees in the orbit of the Ministry of Health regarding a vaccine revolving around a confusion, as a “prisoner of plans” that obliterated facts and tests data!

The news

* Responsibility is on two sides
A political reference places direct responsibility on two parties concerned with the current crisis in the country.
* Surprising formula
It was surprising that an official reference was addressed to official departments in the Lebanese state in a form that seemed to address a non-state party.


A rise in meat prices was recorded at the beginning of the week, and observers attributed that to restricting the import of such meat with special permits granted by the Minister of Agriculture to a new group of merchants that conflict with well-known traders and control market prices.
A number of contractors accused of corruption are preoccupied with how to prepare for the benefit of future projects in the country, especially in the reconstruction of Beirut Port.
It is noticed that a Gulf country that had a diplomatic history in the crises that struck Lebanon is absent from this role due to the arrangement of its internal home.
A long-established party intensifies holding political, cultural and health seminars in all fields through virtual conferences, and hosts politicians and researchers from all political backgrounds.


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