This is how you will know if the other party has read your message on WhatsApp!



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With the increase in the number of WhatsApp users around the world, reaching more than 900 million users, the company has resorted to inventing a mark that shows users whether their messages have been read or not yet opened!

Many may find that this is useful to reassure that the other party knows the content of the message delivered to him, but some situations may force the user to read the message without explaining it to the sender.

Did you know that there are two tricks to deceive people who have disabled one of the most important methods of monitoring via WhatsApp, which is the double blue ticks at the bottom of messages, to see if they read your messages or not?

So that you do not have doubts and questions, follow these two tricks, according to the smartphones website.

1- To find out if your friends are reading your messages or not, send them a voice message. When listening to it, the recording color changes to blue even if the recipient chooses to disable the blue tick feature.

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2- In chat groups, you can see whoever read the messages, just click on the message.

If you are an iPhone user, all you have to do is slide your finger to the left to get the message information.

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