“They consider my movements to be feminine” … a young Saudi man recounts his suffering with bullying after the video of his “suicide attempt”


The news of the attempted suicide of the Saudi youth Abdullah Mashayekh, known as “Mashhour Al-Snab”, sparked widespread controversy on social media platforms, especially as he is known for providing videos in which they call on his followers to adhere to the teachings of the religion.

A video clip was circulated showing the Saudi youth under the hashtag # Suicide_a young_because of bullying, and he explains the reasons that prompted him to do his act, saying: “I suffered a lot from bullying, as you are a girl, I am a girl, and as you are a man, I am a man, we are all human beings.”

To find out the truth of what happened to him, the 25-year-old Sheikh explained, in an interview with Al-Hurra, that “a large number of comments and messages are calibrated because of his external appearance and behavior,” and he said, “They consider my body movements and my appearance closer to women.”

Sheikhs added, “People bully my eyebrows a lot, and this matter bore me a lot.”

He continued: “I feel fear and I have no desire to leave the house. People are very cruel, and I have attributed things and words to me from their imaginations. I wanted to end my life and commit suicide.”

Under the same hashtag, many users questioned his suicide attempt, believing that it aims to draw attention through this step, and sheikhs respond by saying: “I have documents and medical reports that prove this.”

The young man is 24 years old

The young man is 24 years old

Bullying and its motives

In this context, psychologist Maysoon Hamza said, in an interview with Al-Hurra, that “bullying is a form of violence that a person or group practices against another person by disturbing him in a deliberate and repeated manner.”

And she continued: “Bullying takes many forms, such as spreading rumors, threatening, attacking the person being bullied physically or verbally, or isolating and neglecting him.”

Hamzah considered that “one of the main motives for bullying is the bully’s exposure to this problem in his childhood, which prompted him to direct the harm he suffered to others as well, to feel victory and comfort.”

And she stressed that “a bully lacks social skills and believes that following violent behavior is the most appropriate way to achieve everything in himself.”

Regarding the groups most vulnerable to bullying, Hamzah said: “Most bullying occurs because of the color of the skin, the shape, people with a disability or a certain weakness, people without high social skills, or people who are famous on social platforms.”

She concluded by saying that “bullying is a dangerous phenomenon that may lead some victims to suicide,” calling for “the need to direct the bully and the bully to psychological support and treatment, by raising awareness in schools.”


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