These foods are taken before and after receiving the Corona vaccination


After getting the Corona vaccine, some of them experience nausea as a side effect

With the increasing number of people around the world who receive vaccines against the emerging corona virus (Covid-19), the question arises about the foodstuffs allowed to be consumed before and after the vaccine, so are there specific foods that we prefer to eat and others we should avoid?

The vaccines currently available against Corona have shown effectiveness in facing the virus, regardless of the diet of people who received the vaccine. But there are substances that by eating them, the body gets what it needs from the nutrition it needs before and after receiving the vaccine, according to what was reported Deutsche Welle On the “Health” medical site, as there are other materials the site recommends to avoid at this stage.

The following are the foods that are advised to be avoided, and also to be eaten, before and after vaccination:

1- Drinking water

It is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water spread over the whole day before and after getting the vaccine as well.

2- Eat foods that help you sleep

Getting an adequate amount of rest helps the immune system to work at its maximum capacity, which increases the importance of sleeping before the vaccine, and therefore it is necessary to eat the correct nutrients that help sleep. To get an uninterrupted sleep, you should avoid foods that contain fat and sugar, and any foods that may hinder your sleep.

3- Replacing processed foods with natural foods

Processed foods that contain high levels of fat, sugar, or sodium can trigger inflammation that if continued, weakens the immune system.

While there is not yet available research on the effect of nutrition in the vaccine, what is certain is the necessity of eating anti-inflammatory nutrients and strengthening the immune system after getting the vaccine, on top of which are fresh vegetables and fruits.

4- A light meal before the vaccination

In the United States, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) received reports of some vaccine recipients fainting, but this type of fainting is often due to feelings of anxiety and tension and not because of the vaccine itself, as it is at other times due to a low blood sugar level. Therefore, eating a snack accompanied by a drink can prevent low blood sugar.

5- Shop before getting vaccinated

After getting the Corona vaccine, some people experience one of the side effects, which is nausea. It is best to prepare for this possibility by purchasing suitable, easily digestible food items such as bananas, potatoes, vegetable and rice soup. The site advises avoiding heavy foods such as dishes rich in cheese or cream, fried food, meats and desserts.

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