The Zamalek coach studies Tounjeth and asks for a comprehensive report on the Senegalese champion, outside home


French coach Patrice Carteron, the coach of the Zamalek team, asked his auxiliary apparatus to prepare a full report on the Senegalese team Tongeth, to study it well in preparation for the fateful match scheduled for next Saturday, against Senegalese Tongeth at the end of the group stage of the African Champions League.

Zamalek’s coach asked his assistants to prepare a report on the first-leg match between the two teams, which ended in a goalless draw in Senegal, to find out what mistakes the white made and try to address them in the next match.

The curtain falls on the Champions League group D matches next Saturday, with the matches between Zamalek and Senegalese Tongeth in Cairo and Esperance against Mouloudia Algeria in Tunis, andThe sons of the dead need a hurdle to win The Senegalese champion and Mouloudia lost to Esperance to qualify as the second group accompanied by the Tunisian champion, where El Obeid is currently ranked third with 5 points behind Mouloudia Algeria, who is second with 8 points, and leaders Esperance with 10 points.

Carteron also asked for a report on the matches Tounjeth against Mouloudia and Esperance in Algeria and Tunisia, due to the coach’s desire to know the way the Senegalese team played outside the home, and the methods he followed in making attacks and securing their defenses.

And the status of Zamalek officials, Paying part of the players’ arrears duesAt the forefront of the priorities before the fateful Tounjeth match, to motivate the players to shine in front of the Senegalese champion, to strive for victory, to reach point 8 in the Champions League, and to wait for the fall of Mouloudia in Tunisia, after Zamalek renewed his hopes of beating the Algerian champion at home and in front of his fans with a clean double in the round Fifth on Saturday evening, to raise its score to point No. 5 and the loss of Esperance against Tounjeth in the same round to make the two matches of the last round very important, as Zamalek needs to win and the loss of Mouloudia to qualify, while the loss of Esperance will also make him lose the top of the group in favor of the Algerian champion.


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