The world’s eyes await the take-off of four astronauts, including Frenchman Thomas Pescet, on a historic trip to the International Space Station


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                Friday, the world awaits the take-off of four astronauts, including the well-known Frenchman Thomas Pescet, on a trip, described as historic, to the International Space Station.  They will stay there for six months.  This trip is being followed closely in the French "space city" Toulouse, where France 24's delegate Mohamed Farhat is present.

                                    <p>After being delayed for 24 hours due to weather conditions, the "Crow Dragon" spacecraft of the American company "Space X", headed from "Cape Canaveral" in Florida, Friday April 23, to the International Space Station, carrying the French astronaut Touma Pisque, who will be accompanied by three other astronauts for a period of six months.</p>    <div data-wrapper-video-player="" data-show-hidden-video-player="WBMZ66301-F24-AR-20210423">
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                        <p>Frenchman Thomas Pescet on a new space mission


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Once at the International Space Station, French astronaut Thomas Pescet is expected to conduct several scientific experiments out of the 232 programmed during the mission. “There is one of them, and it’s really exciting,” says Puisquet. “We will study small brains and stem cells …”

What do we know about mission “Alpha”


Also within the program, four trips in space outside the station have been planned. “Maybe I might have the opportunity to do one or two of them,” Piesquet comments. The aim of these trips “will be to improve the electrical system of the solar panels at the station, which is now about twenty years old, as its generation of electrical energy has remained somewhat limited compared to the expansions that took place in the station and led to an increase in its size.”

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