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Yesterday, the British political scientist honored Prince Philip, the “grandfather of the nation” who left his departure Friday, two months before reaching the age of 100, a “great void” in the life of his wife, Queen Elizabeth II.

British MPs cut short the Easter holiday for the official honor that took place yesterday afternoon in Westminster. For their part, Scottish representatives gathered in the morning to commemorate the prince, who was also the Duke of Edinburgh. Representatives of Wales and Northern Ireland, in turn, shortened their holidays for the honor that the political scientist held across the country.

Speaking Friday, the Speaker of the Scottish Parliament, Ken Macintosh, said: “His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, has lived a life dedicated to duty and service to others, and his support for this institution has been steadfast.”

The ceremony began with a minute of silence before speeches by the most prominent political leaders.

On Sunday, a memorial service was held for the comfort of the same Prince who died “peacefully” on Friday at Windsor Palace, west of London.

His departure left a “big void” in the life of his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, 73 years ago, according to what their son Andrew said after the mass.

“He was a wonderful man. I loved him as one of us loves his father,” added the 61-year-old man, who has ceased to hold an official position since 2019 due to his ties with the late American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was accused of trafficking in minors. “We lost the grandfather of the nation,” he added.

Prince Philip was to celebrate his 100th birthday on the tenth of June, who was the dean of the British royal family and a man known for his strong personality and candor, as well as his dedication to the Queen and the country.

Prince Edward (57 years), the fourth and last son of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II, described the death of his father as “a terrible shock (…) the (family) is trying to accept it.” The Crown Prince Charles (72 years) said Saturday that he “misses his dear father very much.”

Their sister, Princess Anne, who is known for being close to Philip, said: “We know that will happen, but we are never ready for it (…) My father was my teacher, my bond and my critic, but what was most typical of me was his life that he lived well and his sense of duty with dedication.”

At a time when the public was called not to gather due to the outbreak of the epidemic, a number of honoring ceremonies have been organized since the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, especially on Saturday with the launch of cannons throughout the United Kingdom, and the observance of minutes of silence in the stadiums.

During the memorial service at Canterbury Cathedral on Sunday, Archbishop Justin Welby, the spiritual leader of the Anglicans, called for prayers for the royal family.

Due to the health crisis, only 30 people will attend the funeral at Windsor Palace next Saturday. It is for this reason that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will not attend.

Prince Philip’s funeral will bring Prince Harry back to the country for the first time since his resounding withdrawal from the family, which raises hopes for reconciliation in a family whose differences have come to light.

Harry will come from California, while his wife Megan (39 years), who is expecting her second child this summer, will remain in the United States. Buckingham Palace said her doctor advised her not to travel.

And on Saturday, Harry will walk alongside his brother William behind their grandfather’s coffin to the Church of St. George in Windsor, where the ceremony is taking place, to restore the scene of their accompaniment to their mother Diana’s coffin after her death in Paris in 1997.

A source in the royal palace told the “Mirror” newspaper: “They are both fully aware of their common story, and they will undoubtedly remember the place that their grandfather had in their lives.” There is hope in an occasion like this, when pain brings together brothers, to bring about a new turn. ”

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