The US Police announces the injury of two members of its ranks near the Capitol Building in Washington


The US police announced the injury of two members of its ranks near the Capitol Building in Washington, Friday, after they were hit by a car, who arrested its driver.
Capitol Police said on Twitter that “a suspect is being held. Both officers are injured. The three have been taken to hospital.”
In addition, the US Congress building was closed due to security threats, which, according to American media, prompted President Joe Biden to invite his security team to a meeting.
It is noteworthy that the Senate and the House of Representatives are on Easter holidays and are not present in the Capitol building.
“Premeditated” accidentFor its part, NBC reported that the run-over, which left two policemen critically injured in front of the Congress building, appears intentional.
This comes at a time when the Washington area is still in tension after nearly three months of a crowd storming the Capitol building while Congress was voting to endorse Biden winning the presidency.
According to the Associated Press, the Capitol complex was put into lockdown after the shooting and employees were told that they could not enter or leave the buildings. Biden had just left the White House for Camp David when the accident occurred.


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